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Here I worked in electronics before heading back to Arizona for a short time. I again attended school when I could. I worked for Honeywell Aerospace designing, building and testing aircraft engine control units for commercial and military use. Eventually, I left to pursue my education full time and moved back to Minnesota... again. I am now working to complete my third degree while pursuing my hobbies; photography, motorcycles, electronics and enjoying my friends, family and two puppies.

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I won't bore you with my life story other than I was raised in northwestern Minnesota. I grew up loving sports such as football and academics mainly math and science. I went to college and find it not challenging and quickly became bored. I decided to join the military in 2002 and was medically retired in 2010. During that time I was an avionics technician repairing electronics down to components on circuit cards. During my service, I attended school when I could and started engineering and computer science courses. After I was relieved from duty, I moved back to MN.

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Current Bike Builds


I grew up for a love of motorcycles, riding my friends KX250s whenever they would go out. This love got put on the backburner for a while as I was trying to focus on sports and school. I knew I would come back to motorcycles and did, eventually owning a 95 ZX-6R, 05 ZX-6R, race only 01 SV650, 02 ZX-9R, 08 ZX-10R, a 11 ZX-10R, race only 13 ZX-6R and now a 2016 ZX-10R. Here you can find info on my current shop projects.

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ECU Flashes Are No Longer Available

Due to my new business, ME-Motorsports, I have teamed up with Woolich Racing to bring my experience to North America. I am now the exclusive distributor and support member for North America. As such, I can no longer offer send in ECU flashing like I did in the past. Although I can continue to offer in house dyno tuning.

For those who have purchased from me in the past, I can still update your ECUs with new features, fueling maps, quickshifters, launch control all of that. If you need to get a hold of me, the old email address will not be monitored due to the massive amounts of spam I get to it now. The new email address to get a hold of me at is Support (_at_) ZX10RArcher (_dot_) com

This is only for support for prior customers. Please refer to your ECU serial number when asking for support. Your serial number can be found in the upper right hand of your ECU label or the PDF ECU report your received. If you do not have any of these, please include your name, approximate month/year your ECU was flashed and your PayPal account address so I can reference my records.

Requests to flash your ECU(s) or questions on where you can send your ECU in to be flashed will not be replied to.